About The Firm

Knowledge is essential, relationships are paramount and timing is everything. Our business is to help build yours.

For over 60 years, these principles have guided us at Schneider Ruggiero Spencer Milburn LLP. Our firm focuses exclusively on creating meaningful relationships to build a strong Ontario commercial real estate practice for leading clients including banks, trust companies, pension fund advisors, insurance companies, builders and developers. Their multifaceted, high-value property transactions require an acute attention to detail and a devotion to customer service: these are the highest priorities at SR Law.

Our practice encompasses all aspects of commercial financing and real estate development, including construction and permanent lending for condominium projects, apartment buildings and other commercial ventures, mortgage enforcement and remedies and leasing.

Maintaining our boutique size and sharp focus has been integral to SR Law continuing to provide the responsiveness and quality of work clients should expect of a legal partner. With the fast evolving landscape of real property financing, development and legislation in Ontario, it is crucial today that builders and lenders work with a proven, focused legal partner. SR Law has the in depth knowledge, contacts, and experience in complex commercial financing and real estate development that is essential to get the job done properly, on time, for a reasonable fee.

SR Law’s internal procedures include project management protocols with multiple check-points, and regular review of client files by senior members of the team to ensure nothing slips between the cracks. Most importantly, clients and lawyers are capably supported by a first rate team of law clerks and sophisticated technology solutions, including specialist software for closing multi unit/lot subdivision and condominium sales.


At Schneider Ruggiero Spencer Millburn, we work hard to be exceptional at commercial mortgage and real estate law, rather than trying to be all things to all people. We believe we are in the business of helping our clients succeed and be profitable, and our dynamic team is guided by these values:

Knowledge is essential – a commitment to continuous learning, sharing our knowledge with each other and clients, and investing the necessary time to stay on top of emerging issues and legislation that affects our clients.

Relationships are paramount – we are building relationships for life. Every day we strive to fulfill our pledge to understand your business goals, charge a reasonable fee for our work, and utilize our network to bring people together to contribute to our mutual success.

Timing is everything – acting quickly and with clear purpose is a critical benefit in the real estate business. We have a passion for client service that exceeds all expectations, delivering on-time results and ensuring detailed follow-through with reports and paperwork.