Legal Alerts

Potential Changes to Electronic Commerce Act, 2000

A recent Bill in the Ontario Legislature proposes to amend the Electronic Commerce Act, 2000 in order to facilitate the use of electronic signatures on documents creating or transferring interests in land. Bill 96, titled the Electronic Commerce Amendment Act, 2012, received first reading on May 17, 2012.

Proposed Changes to Investment Canada Act Affect Foreign Investment

In June of 2012, the federal government announced proposed changes to the Investment Canada Act, which among other things: 1) narrows the scope and categories of investments that are subject to ICA review; 2) affects the process and transparency of such review; and 3) impacts enforcement mechanisms. Also, under these proposals all foreign investments (including the acquisition of minority interests and the establishment of new businesses) that could be "injurious to national security" will be subject to a separate ICA review process. See the Regulations Amendment the Investment Canada Regulations, published in the Canada Gazette on May 24, 2012.